Residential Sale

The fees below are standard fees on a residential sale involving a loan. Some of the fees do not apply on a cash deal.


Escrow Fee $375 Buyer/$375 Seller
Escrow Fee (1st & 2nd Lien) $415 Buyer/$350 Seller
Owner Title Policy (based on sales price) See Rate Schedule
Loan Policy (if loan amount is less than sales price) $100


Tax Deletion/Not Yet Due & Payable $25
Survey Deletion No cost on Loan Policy
Environmental Endorsement (T-36) $25
T-19 (residential property) 5% of *Basic Rate of loan amount (min. $50)


Note & Deed of Trust $250
Tax Service ($20 for each add’l tract) $70 plus tax
Recording Fee (per document) $36 1st page / $4 ea. page after
Overnight Mail  Charge if applicable

*See Schedule of Basic Premium Rates

If you have any questions regarding our services and fees, please contact Valley Land Title Co. by calling 956-687-7763.

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