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Why we need title insurance?

Why do we need title insurance?

Have you ever wondered why you need title insurance for your property? Your home might be new to you, but every property has a history. Title insurance offered by reputable title companies like Valley Land Title Co, gives you protection from title problems that may surface after you close so you can continue to enjoy your homeownership rights. There are many different issues that can affect your property’s title. Title companies are skilled at identifying and solving these types of problems before you take ownership of the property. Your title insurance policy then serves to protect you from those issues that may still remain undiscovered. In short, title insurance offers the peace of mind you need when you’re ready to make your home-buying dream a reality. This video reveals some of the more common types of title issues.


Ms Janie Marquez and Ms Liz Ramirez are the best employees any Title Co. should and could have. They get things done. I love the Old School attitude. I close there because of them.

Nelda Elaine Barrera

Friendly service and good communication. As a Realtor that’s all I ask for.

Martin Manzo

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Balancing today with an eye towards tomorrow and our future customers is something we do every day at Valley Land Title Co. We want to offer each and every customer a closing experience that utilizes the latest innovative technology available in the market. Our commitment to our present and future customers is to provide the type of closing services and title insurance products that earn us your business not just for today, but for the future as well.


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Credit Information


Establishing and maintaining a good line of credit takes time and consistency. When you make a major investment, like that of real estate, you must protect yourself from fraudulent titles and miscalculations in order to maintain your good credit.

For your convenience, we have provided you with several links and resources in order for you to maintain your credit and keep your investments protected. For more information, contact Valley Land Title Co. by calling 956-687-7763.

GMAR Greater McAllen Association of Realtors

Greater McAllen Association of Realtors (GMAR)

Hidalgo County Real Property Search
Home Improvement


Once you have invested in a home, you may want additional information on how to keep it looking beautiful all year long. Valley Land Title Co. makes it easy for you to successfully complete any home improvement project by providing you with important resources you can turn to.

Home improvement projects, no matter how big or small, can be easily and quickly achieved with these resources. For more information, contact Valley Land Title Co. by calling 956-687-7763.

Schools and Education


If you are planning on relocating, you may be wondering which schools are available in your area. Valley Land Title Co. understands that relocating can be difficult, which is why they have provided you with the necessary resources that will allow you to relocate easily and comfortable.

Provide your children and yourself the quality education you are looking for by using these relocation tools. For more information, contact Valley Land Title Co. by calling 956-687-7763.

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